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Man in the Elevator October 18, 2010

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So this past Friday was an interesting Friday for many different reasons, but one reason I would like to share with all of you stuck out to me. I happen to be out in Riverside, and the building I was in had elevators…. I rode up the elevator to the 4th floor and took a seat in the waiting area…… Some time had passed and I see two men walk out of the elevator. One man says to the other who was standing outside the elevator after getting off of it, “You get off on the wrong floor?” The man replies, “Oh no, I’m waiting for someone to go up.” So my first thought as I was eavesdropping on this conversations was…he is waiting to meet someone on the 4th floor before he goes anywhere else.



Some time passes, and mind you we are in this building pretty early and not many people are coming and going let alone in the elevators! He takes a step forward as each elevator stops at the 4th floor, looks inside the elevator…. it empties out and he says under his breath “ah shoot.” After about 3 elevators opening, emptying and closing I realize he isn’t waiting for a specific person to go up he is just waiting for anyone to ride up with! After a few minutes of watching him I realize this grown man, probably in his 30’s is scared to ride in an elevator by himself! The man he rode up with was only going to the 4th floor so that’s why he had gotten out! I look at this man and ask him, “Would you like me to ride up with you?” He looks at me with this sheepish grin on his face and says…”If you wouldn’t mind I would really appreciate that.” So here I go up in an elevator with a grown man who is so scared. I told him before we went up…..”If this gets stuck I’m blaming it on you mister.” He says, ” If this this gets stuck you can tell your husband you saw a grown man cry.” LOL So I step into the elevator and this man presses the floor he wants to go to…… the 5th floor!!! I wish I would have had more time in the elevator to chat with this man and find out the meaning behind his fear, but as we rode up that very long ride up to the next floor he looks at me and says, ” Thanks a lot, you should see me in hotels….. I have only been riding elevators for about 3 months now, now you can tell your husband a grown man was scared of riding in an elevator alone.”

As I rode back down from the 5th floor to the 4th floor where I was originally waiting I couldn’t help but smile to myself. And then I was thankful that although I am scared of heights and scared of the dark that I am not scared to ride in an elevator alone. =)


“Is she fat or preggo” October 13, 2010

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So today I realized it was time to purchase some new clothes…… Everything is too tight! From undergarments to everything on the outside. I am so thankful my shoes and jewelry are still fitting =) I have this feeling everyone is looking at me thinking “is she just gaining weight……..or is she pregnant?”  I have a feeling it’s probably just me thinking that…but non the less it’s the way I feel. I have talked to many friends and their opinion is “…….just embrace it….. this is what you wanted…… you don’t even look pregnant.” LOL  Some days are better than others but today I decided it was time to bite the bullet and purchase a few new items. I can handle either my pants being to tight or my tops being to tight but when you have a combo of tight/tight it’s not so comfortable….

I am so incredibly blessed to be going through this journey. I am so blessed to have my husband right by my side every step of the way. This morning I called him in tears telling him how I felt and he was so sweet. Reassuring me that I was beautiful, that he would always find me attractive and thanked me for going through all these changes to bring our baby into this world. He always knows what to say to put a smile on  my face. My wonderful sister and I will be hitting the stores on Friday to purchase a few new things….and then Saturday we are all hitting up the Sunnymead Ranch garage sales. I am hoping to find a few bargain items for either myself or the baby.

For those of you who don’t know who my handsome hubby is, here is a picture of us taken not to long ago!


12 Weeks and Counting October 7, 2010

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I know it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, I am still trying to get a hang of “blogging.” Since my last post I have had another doctors appointment. At this appointment we were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I have to say it was one of the most amazing things I have ever heard! My mom, sister and Judd were all able to be in the room as well as the doctor and a lady who was observing for the day. It was definitely a full house! We were able to get it on video but I wasnt able to upload it =( I am now 12 weeks 4 days which means I am almost out of my first trimester. Praise the Lord. I am actually feeling more like myself to. I have my appetite back! And with that I have gained a healthy 5 lbs in my first trimester. I have been eating healthier as well as exercising more. With gaining some weight I have found that almost non of my pants fit anymore! So much for being a size 4! lol But I was able to buy a belly band from Target that works wonders. I am able to keep my pants un-buttoned and sometimes even unzipped and no one will ever know……..well at least those that don’t read my blog…



So for those of you that don’t know my sister and I are pregnant at the same time!!! She is six weeks behind me…and at the lovely stage of having morning sickness or as I referred to it…all day sickness. But she is doing great! I am so happy to be going through this journey with her. It honestly is like a dream come true! My sister has always been there for me. I look up to her in so many ways. I am truly blessed to have a sister like her. We have shared many tears together over the years we were unable to conceive, wondering if we would ever have the opportunity to be parents. And that time is right now! I am so exciting to see what the Lord will do in our lives between now and our due dates!

Here is a picture of my belly at 7 weeks


                                                                             And here is a picture of my belly at 12 weeks